I'm going to stop having a boring life.

Actually...my life isn't boring at all.  BUT...as of the first Saturday in January.  Today was shift sign-ups and I was lucky enough to get the shift I wanted!!!  Come next year I will have Friday, Saturday, Sunday off for the entire year.  I'll also be working "normal" hours.  Even better news is that Alissa also got those days off and is on dayshift as well.  Our shifts are 2 hours different which means we won't be able to carpool, but at least vacations will be easier to plan for next year.  Look out Hawaii, New York, Barber Motorsports Park/Museum, Florida, Disneyland, Disney World and MANY others I can't even remember!  I'm going to get back to my jet-set lifestyle.

Once Alissa got home her and I went to Temple II and Ernesto's for a celebratory dinner!  Taco Tuesday turned into Taco Thursday near the house, so I hobbled over to the taqueria.  Jill came back to the house and watched The Office with Alissa and I, which is always ridiculously funny!!!  Bryce stopped by for a little bit and hung out too!!  After Bryce and the gang split, Jill and I hit up Rick's Dessert Diner!  We had banana cream pie and blackberry cheesecake!!!  Soooooooooooo delicious!  Frick.

I can't wait to get back to a normal life.  Doing normal people things.  Being able to walk and fix my hair at the same time would be pretty swell.  These next 5 weeks can't come soon enough!

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Kevin said...

Right on! You'll be able to go to events and shit! :)