Even when I only got 5 hours of sleep the night before and know I need
to be up early-ish (before the sun sets) tomorrow, I still can't
manage to go to bed early.

Ahh well. I am a night owl I suppose. Speaking of owls, Brandon and
I tried to get a picture of one on the way home from Kip and
Melissa's. It flew away before we could capture it in a photograph.


sushipie said...

You are amazingly generous to offer yourself up for my friendship experiments. haha. But we should definitely try going to a knitting group or something, it would be way easier going with someone I kind of know a smidgen. I was following your blog awhile ago and I didn't even realize it wasn't in my subscriptions anymore. doh.

Rijel said...

Oh absolutely!!!!! I am extremely interested in getting together with other knitty peeps and I'm ALWAYS down for friendship experiments!!!!!!