She's automatic, so automatic

Today's physical therapy session was rough.  I got a less elastic band for some of my exercises and my leg really got a work out.  Although it burned, it was a good burn.

After PT I went to my folk's place.  Dad warmed me up some left overs and we watched some baseball.  After Jeannie Mae finished mending some pants she was working on, she made her way into the front room and coerced Dad into changing the channel.  After Jeannie Mae got bored sitting around not doing anything with her hands she got up and started de-seeding pomegranates.  Next thing I know...cup of fresh squeezed pomegranate juice in my hands.  Yay for moms & dads!!!!

At Nelly's birthday party my dad ended up with camera diarrhea and took about 93845234501 pictures of the family and everyone there.  He's got his fancy iPhone so he takes pictures everywhere he goes.  Now, my dad's a pretty stubborn ass.  He's also extremely intelligent and into technology.  Before the MMS feature came out he refused to get a generic gmail, hotmail or yahoo email address so he could send pictures to everyone.  Absolutely REFUSED.

Since MMS has come out for the iPhone I keep telling him he's got to update his phone and each time he asks me how to do it.  Every time I tell him he's got to attach his phone to the computer and open up iTunes, he asks me, "So...how do I do that?  What's the website for iTunes?"  These conversations usually end with me telling him I'll update it for him and then when I get to the house he decides it's not worth the trouble.

Tonight was no different.  I told him I wanted him to send me a few of the pictures he took from the other day.  "Oh, well...how do I do that?"

"You didn't update your phone yet?"

"No.  Should I?"

"If you want to send picture messages you should."

"What do I need picture messages for?  I've got Bejeweled.  What else do I need?!?!"



Kevin said...

Are you walking yet?

sushipie said...

haha that is funny. I run two blogs but I cannot update my iphone and I still haven't figured out how to send and recieve pictures on it.