Who listens to Dashboard Confessional still?

Oh...that's right.  Me.  Living 8 years ago all over again.  But it's sooooooooooo good!!!  Especially at 6am?  Maybe.

Even though I am half actively trying to get on a more "normal" schedule in the past week I've gone from waking up at 11am to waking up at 3pm.  Oops!

This week I've got PT and doctor's appointments I've got to be awake for, so maybe that will help out with my hours.  After waking up and getting ready today I took Brandon to school and after I picked him up I headed to Aunt April's for Monday night dinner.  It was good to see the family even though I didn't get a chance to mosey around and talk to everyone.

During dinner Jeannie Mae was telling me about the rest of Aunt Nelly's 83rd birthday party.  Apparently Mom told Nelly that her sister (April) said she was sorry for not making it out, but wanted to wish her a happy birthday anyway.

Aunt Nelly looked Mom in the face, hugged her and told her, "Well that's awfully sweet of her to do that.  But I don't think I'm going to remember it soon anyway!"

A little bit later Nelly tells Mom it was her 84th birthday.  A little while after that Mom hears Nelly tell someone else it was her 85th.  There she was...aging years right before our very eyes!!!  Nelly's wonderful and has an amazing spirit and sense of humor.  Especially toward her memory!

After I got home my friend Grant came over and we went to Temple and had delicious tea.  Afterwards we came back to the house and I did some crocheting before getting sucked in by the interwebz yet again.

I want to get tattooed soon.  I've got some ideas in mind.  It'll be a while before anything happens, but I'm okay with that.  Priorities.

Less than twenty hours.

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Kevin said...

CRAZY! The countdown to chopperdom is almost over!!! :)