Even doctors don't move

So being on crutches and actually getting out of the house for the past 2 months you get to see how friendly some people are and how much chivalry has gotten lost over time.  I LOVE automatic doors because trying to get in a regular door (while easy now) takes some getting used to.  Especially those crazy heavy doors.

At the grocery store no one seems to offer up a place in line for the girl on crutches who's foot is obviously discolored.  While crutching to and from physical therapy twice a week people don't seem to take notice of the crutches and continue their conversations without moving or stepping aside to make much needed walking space.  EVEN THE DOCTORS DON'T MOVE for me and you'd think of all people, THEY would know better.  So in the past 2 months I've gotten used to not getting the special attention one would hope for.

Earlier tonight I went to the movies and even though I know better, I had 3 glasses of water at dinner.  I try my darndest to avoid using public restrooms when I've got 2 healthy(ish) legs, let alone have to use one while I've only got the one good leg.  Going to the bathroom on crutches not only means fighting to get the door to the bathroom open, but trying to maneuver in the stall itself.  Someone had a genius idea of making the toilets in the handi stall like 2 or 3 inches taller than the regular stalls and since I'm not exactly on the tall side, I usually prefer the regular stalls (even though they lack those sweet unsanitary bars to grab hold of in case I decide to "hover").

Tonight was no exception.  I headed to an oversized "regular" stall and after putting down 2 or 3 ass-gaskets I felt safe enough to put my disease free bum down and took a much needed tinkle.  When I got into the bathroom there were 2 other women in stalls and during the time it took me to get all buttoned up after peeing only 1 woman was left.  She was in her mid-twenties wearing a white shirt, brown cardigan, skinny jeans and some brown knee high suede boots, indie-ish, but not "hip."  She lingered around and stared at herself in the mirror while I hobbled over to wash my hands.  Since I've been on crutches, I'm always slightly nervous about washing my hands while other people are around.  Because I'm on crutches I've got to dry my hands thoroughly so that way I don't slip and I always worry people thing I'm a tree hater because I use so many paper towels.

Anyway...I finish washing my hands and as I move toward the garbage can the woman in the bathroom heads toward the door and this is always where things get awkward.  Like, are they going to hold the door?  Will the let it close on me 4 feet away?  Will they sigh as they wait for me to hurry?  Will they rush out like they didn't see me?  This beautiful woman gets to the door while I'm about 10 feet away (more than enough time to go through and skee-dattle without having to see me after I get out) and she holds the door and waits for me.  At this point I realized she hung around the extra minute or two deliberately.  I pass her on my way out and say, "Thank you very much!"  She smiled at me and with an air of confidence I get a, "You. Are welcome." 

I was stoked, obviously.  She was a cool chick who was down to help and I can't wait to pay it forward.


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Kevin said...

Pity party fall of '09!!! j/k!

Suzi did good on the ride down to S.F. Your bike, your clear glasses. haha Brandon was bummed that you ruled him all day long. hahahaha