83 with a short term memory

My Aunt Nelly's 83rd birthday was today.  A fews years ago she had a stroke and lost her short term memory.  Ever since then she's introduced herself to me multiple times, including during the same visit.

The funny thing about her not having her short term memory, is that she remembers she can't remember.  So usually the introductions go something like this:

"Well hello dear.  And who are you?"

"Hi Aunt Nelly, I'm Dennis and Jeannie's daughter Rijel!"

"Oh well, is that right?  You're all grown up now."

"That I am!"

"Well, it's good to see you again.  Now I lost some of my memory and can't remember much anymore, so I might tell you who I am again later.  You'll just have to excuse me."

So you usually get 2 or 3 introductions at every event, but it's always fun and she's always so sweet about "meeting" you.  Also, on the way out she generally hugs you and says, "Well, it was real good to meet you!"

Depending on how everyone's feeling sometimes we'll introduce ourselves as someone else for funsies.  Then, we'll tell her who we really are about 30 seconds and she'll laugh and tell us she doesn't have a very good memory.  She's quite light hearted about the situation and seems to enjoy the joke.

Since Brother and Amy just got back to town mom and dad were wondering if they'd be joining us at the birthday party.  I sent Brother a text message.  The response I get:

No, tell her we were there though...she'd never know! =p

Needless to say, I called Brother a dick, laughed out loud (literally), then showed my cousin and parents the message and then we all laughed together.  Things are much funnier when there's truth behind them.

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That's r/sad. :)