I wanted to throw my crutches away today.

This afghan flabbergasts me.  It's crocheted, which means that it's already harder to make a good looking picture, but the artist pulled it off, and quite well.  If I were at all artistic I would attempt something like this, but I know it wouldn't end up as nice...or looking like I would want it to...or ever be completed.  Perhaps one day.  I have ideas on how even I would be able to complete something like this, but it's a lot of work and I'm afraid to take on such a task, especially since I don't know what the outcome would be.  One of these days I'll get over worrying about it and just get it done.  One of these days is just far away, long after the smaller projects I want to attempt are completed (or I've been defeated by them).

Audrey.  Oh dear Audrey.  So elegant and stunning with such large feet.  I love her style.  Everything about it.  Completely timeless.  She dressed to her body style and never strayed far from it.  Her slim pants, collared shirts and a-line dresses.

If only.

Physical therapy today was good.  I did a lot of stretching and I can tell I'm gaining muscle.  Although it was pointed out later in the evening that my legs are obviously different sizes.  That's okay though, I'm going to be diligent about regaining my strength, muscle and mass this time around.  I don't want another surgery and stabilizing my knee through my quads is a high priority.

Not only did I eat breakfast today, but I also had dinner and dessert.  Lemon bar.  Delicious.  Good company too, but the visit was cut short and I went to pick up Brother and Amy at the airport.  Did you know they have a free "cell phone lot" at the airport now?!  Up to 3 hours free parking while you wait to get the call to go to the loading zone.  That means no more hanging out in the gas station parking lot!!  Woot woo!!!!

Where the Wild Things Are this weekend!!!  I've been ramping up all week for this movie and I'm totally excited to get to the theater to finally watch it in all it's glory.


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Kevin said...

You're a baby and a push over. You already know why you're a push over. You're a baby because you wont try to make something cool with your crochet stuff. You're Brycing it. Just try it, and if it sucks, throw it away and try again. Don't freak out about it. :)

This is all being said with a smile so don't bum out you baby.