Grandma's gambling habits

Last night around 9 (WAY after grandma's bedtime) I got a phone call from her number.  I figured it was my uncle Michael solidifying plans for me picking up my gma, but on the other end I hear an asian woman with a thick chinese accent.

"Wiiichoool.  You can't pick me up tomorrow."

"Umm...why not grandma?"

"Because I gamble on Fridays and you pick me up in Quincy means I no gamble.  I need to keep my routine, so you no pick me up.  I go to Oroville and gamble with Michael."

"So do you want me to pick you up in Oroville?  After you're done gambling?"

"Yeaaah.  Yeahh...that sound good."

"Okay!  What time should I get you then?"

"Ohh, I don't know.  I don't know when I run out of money or when I be done.  Maybe you not pick me up at all."

"No grandma...you're coming down to Sacramento tomorrow to stay the weekend.  What time do you want me to pick you up?  4 or 5?"

"Um...yeah.  I get dere around 12 o'clock.  I think that will be enough time for me to gamble.  Maybe I not go to Sacramento at all."

"Grandma, please put Michael on the phone."

After about 15 minutes we figured everything out and I'm picking her up at 6 because she needs to keep her routine of blowing cash on some machines and getting a McDonalds flurry for lunch.