Although I wasn't incredibly busy yesterday, I was very tired today.  Maybe it was from when I went to the DMV and got my perma-handi pass finally.  I'm not sure why, but I was tired looooooong before I went to PT today even.  Kip and Melissa's kids must've worn me out.  Even though it was Brandon who was doing all the baby tossing activities.

Physical therapy in the water today.  The knee hasn't caught once today (so far) AND I got to do squats in the pool!!!!!!  They didn't hurt, but I could definitely feel the burn in my quads and it felt FANTASTIC!!  I crutched to and from PT and it was quite a work out.

I had a dinner date tonight and had amazing convo's with some peeps I hadn't seen in a while and miss hanging out with.  Once I got home Brandon and I headed over to Golden Bear.  Brandon got in and I handed the door guy my ID.  He said I couldn't go in.  What. The. Heck.  I was JUST at the DMV...why didn't they tell me my ish was expired?!?!?!  Oops!!!  Looks like I gotta go back again.  Luckily I've got crutches that make my DMV visits extremely speedy.  Oh yeah...and up front parking.  Life rulezzzz.

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Kevin said...

That sucks about your ID. You weren't able to go in and get burz.