Naked old ladies.

Right when I got to physical therapy I headed towards the pool.  Erica, my PT lady told me to be cautious because there might be some of the older women still changing in the locker area.  It's not like I've never seen a naked woman before, so I said "alright" and crutched over to the closed curtain.  I wanted to make sure they knew I was coming in so I kind of holler, "Knock.  Knock." and walk in.

Now...as I get in there, I've got on slip on Keds, my jorts (jeans cut off into knee length shorts), a tank top, a v-neck short sleeve shirt and my swim suit on underneath.  As I walk in you can definitely see my arm all colored and the flowers on my chest.  I get a couple strange looks from the women which is odd because they're both in their late 60s to mid 70s and sitting in there stark naked having a conversation I apparently interrupted.  They were pretty nice and asked if I was going to put on my suit.  Since I came prepared I let them know I only needed to store my things.  As I take off my shoes the woman sitting across from me looks closely at the tattoo on my foot.

"Drag...?" she asks.

"Drug free."


As I take off my shirt and tank top she sees my entire arm (although not much is left to the imagination since the sleeves are already so short).

"Oh, it's the whole thing?" she asks.

"Yeah, all the way up!" which I said pretty happily so as not to sound offended if her question was an innocent one.

"That's going to be a lot harder to get off then, won't it?" she asks with actual concern and without disdain.

"Yeah, but I don't plan on taking them off.  I think I'm going to keep 'em for a while."

"Ohhh...I guess you used to really believe that one, huh?" as she looks at my drug free tattoo.

"I still do."

She looks at me incredibly baffled and I get up and crutch to the pool.  She was genuinely concerned for my ability to remove my tattoos.  I'm not sure she knew exactly what they were or how they got there.  It was incredibly adorable.

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Kevin said...

Fuck that old naked bitch! You should have shit on the floor and crutched off.

p.s. you have no idea how hard I am laughing reading that again...lol