How'd I get a black eye?

No idea. It's developed throughout the day and now that I've gotten
home and had the chance to look in the mirror, it looks like it might
turn purple by the morning. It's probably a bug bite or something.
At least that's what I'm hoping! I'll be bummed if I got punched in
the face and can't even remember!!

It's the second night in a row that I can't connect to the interwebz
and have had to peruse the good craigslist ads on my phone.

Today was full of wonder and amazement that included a trip to the
DMV, a delicious orange and strawberry freeze, going to see Cloudy
with a Chance of Meatballs with Jill and Mercedes, watching The Office
wedding, chatting with BFFs and porch sitting. Lucky for me...each of
these activities were INCREDIBLY handi-friendly.

Tomorrow is pool therapy day at 75% and I'm WAY curious about what
exercises she'll be having me do. I hope it's way fun. It IS Friday


Kevin said...

Are you going to LA with us? It's Friday and you said you would tell me Friday. I don't really need to know until the day we leave, but just thought I'd ask.

Scotty Scott said...

My guess is that you probably deserved it, but then who is going to hit a handi? God gave you a black eye. Or maybe a ghost.