Who's gonna be on top?

Yeah...America's Next Top Model.  As every Wednesday should be, I headed to Kip & Melissa's for some ridiculous television viewing and hoping the silly short model I like will not get booted off.  She's in it for another week!!!  Emre and Sydney ran over Brandon all night.  He got this photo when Sydney decided she wanted to sit on his head.

Today I went to physical therapy and got to 75%.  Right on schedule.  I was on land today and my PT had me doing squats and these crazy leg workouts that made my leg do the "muscle twitch."  It always makes me feel pretty silly even though it's completely normal.  I have started "walking" with the crutches and it feels pretty good.  I just need to remember I'm not super woman and still won't be able to REALLY walk for another 13 days.

Tomorrow I go to the DMV to get my license renewed.  It should be pretty quick since I get special handi privileges.

Around midnight I looked at the clock, then realized I need to get back on more of a "regular schedule" when I thought it was only about 8pm.  It's almost 2:30 and I'm wide awake.  This is getting ridiculous again.  At least it's not just me.  It's Alissa too...but at least she has a reason for having a crazy schedule!!!  Maybe if I actually go to the gym to work on my fitness I'll be more inclined to have a regular schedule?  Perhaps.  Probably not though.

Bicycle time soon.  I'll be ruling the streets via night time in a couple days.  I'll see how that goes and hopefully I won't be such a klutz with no cars on the road.

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Kevin said...

Ask the DMV for the sticker for my bike too. Everything is legit and I finally proved it. Thanks.