75 percent. Win.

When I wake up I will be at 75%.  That means in 14 days I will be (hopefully) walking and ruling the streets on two wheeled dream machines.  I need to start seriously rehabbing my knee and getting it prepped for my first steps.  I need to stop being so dang lazy.

I keep having the feelings of being able to walk already.  Sometimes as I sit straight up or go to re-position myself I get day dream glimpses of myself standing up and walking over to grab something or using my left leg to lean on.  Then reality hits and I realize these are fantasies.  At least these dreams will be coming true shortly.

Today I ate some delicious pizza and key lime pie all during a Bones marathon.  I think I watched about 14 episodes today.  It was AMAZING.  A nice day to sit around without much to do.  I hope I wake up early enough tomorrow to accomplish a semi-long task list that seems to keep growing.

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Kevin said...

Stupid legs. You might heal faster if you went to chopper night more often. I'm just saying.