Good ol' fashion nightmare

I have so many ideas and so many started projects I keep getting sidetracked by each of them.  I really want to get back into embroidery and have quite a few ideas I would like to come to life.  I also have the baby blankets I need to get done pronto as well as the scarf I'm working on.  Oh yeah...and the cap I've been working on since last year that will only take me about a half hour to finish.  I should probably stop buying yarn and use up what I've got.  I mean...it'd keep me busy for the next year or so.

This weekend went by pretty quickly...picking up Gma and visiting with friends were the extent of my activities.  I've been slacking on some of my exercises and know I need to get with it.  I need to actually make it to the gym and get on that stationary.  Come Wednesday I'll be at 75% and I need to make sure my knee and surrounding muscles are up for the challenge.  Do you know what me being at 75% means?  It means in JUST OVER 2 weeks I'll be WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't remember the last time days drug on like this.

I got a call Sunday from an extremely excited friend.  He got the gift I had sent and LOVES it!  The gift was this fantastic robot painting done by my friend Adam.  He's fantastic and is working on a project called 100 Robots.  He's selling each robot for $10 postage paid...you can read more about it on his blog here.

When I feel more like typing I've got another amazing story of Gma fixing mistakes Jeannie Mae's made.  Otherwise, this week looks like it's filling up with errands to run including going to the DMV to get my license renewed.  Who knew you can't get into the bar with an expired license?!  I do now.  Oops!


wadethetides said...


Get that knee in shape. We're racing next month!

Kevin said...

is Nijel going to be done in time?