It's a Death Cab kind of week

Earlier albums mainly.  Remembering how much I love that band.

After Alissa got done with her shift, I met her at work and we got our fitness on for almost an hour or so.  A solid 40 minutes probably.  I rode the stationary bike and did 2.2 miles and was on the bike at level 4 for 15 minutes.  I must have been putting in a lot of effort with my good leg because I felt the burn in it before I felt the burn in my left.  I tried to make sure I was applying an even amount of pressure, but it's super difficult, especially since I'm so used to babying that side.

I got my ass kicked at cards this weekend.  Gosh I hate losing, but I LOVE to win...so it keeps me playing over and over again trying to get my stats up.  I didn't make it to the pool on Friday, but have to land appointments scheduled next week that I'm incredibly excited for.  My black eye has almost completely dissolved as well.  While I no longer look as tough, I can now open my eye all the way (insert half aZn joke here).

My schedule this week looks pretty busy and includes getting my truck smogged and PICKING UP NIGEL!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately he won't be road ready when I get him, but I'm pretty hellbent on riding him before the winter sets in.  I'm sure I've got good friends who are pretty hellbent on seeing me riding Nigel before the winter sets in so I'm trying to make my dream a reality.  I absolutely love that bike.  He IS my pride and joy.  He IS my dream.  He IS a dream come true.  He IS going to be in my life forever.  He WILL be ridden.

Thizz face?  G face?  O face.

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Kevin said...

Rad. I can't wait to see that thing going down the road at a rediculously average amount of speed at first. lol <3