Farming an astronaut

My attempts to get on a "normal" schedule are failing horribly.  I woke up earlier today than I have the past 2 weeks, but it still wasn't even close to when I wanted to be up.  Then again, when you go to bed at 7am, how do you expect to be up by 10?  Although I woke up at 10, I felt the urge to seize the bed and lay in the comfort of covers.

I got new gloves AND a new pair of Keds today.  I no longer need shoes for my uniform next year since I made the purchase today.  My folks made left overs and Brandon and I went over to their house and watched How I Met Your Mother.  After we left Jeannie Mae's we headed over to the fabric store so Brandon could pick up some canvas for Jeannie Mae to make him a bag for his moto and I needed some small supplies for tiny projects I've wanted to dive into for a while now.  I also got 2 more skeins of yarn for a quick project for the night. 

I haven't been able to start and finish a project in a day for quite a while.  It's probably because most of my projects have been blankets and those aren't exactly 1 day projects.  I made a few more coasters for our house and I also made a winter cap.  

So if anyone wants to purchase a fantastic winter cap, let me know.  It's taupe in color and is a wool blend, so it's super warm for those cold windy nights.  It's got a tiny bill on it in case it gets a little sunny during the day.  I've made a few others and everyone who's worn them always gets fantastic compliments.  If you don't want to purchase it...but want one and are willing to trade, let me know what you've got!!!!  I'll also take a couple pictures later and post 'em up in case anyone is interested.
8 days.


Kevin said...

Brandon should have your Mom make him a shed for his bike...

p.s. what are you going to do with Nigel when he's back at your place and running? Rain isn't good for motorcycles. :)

Rijel said...

Brandon's decided to make a shed for up to 4 motos. One of those includes Nige Nige.

AND my folks said I could put him at their place if need be.

Kevin said...

Good...he needs to get on that shit.