A tree fell on Amber's house.

I went to bed super late yesterday (6:30am) and woke up around 11.  I went to physical therapy and worked out.  You think I'd be tired and want to retire early, right?  Apparently not.  It's 6am and I'm wide awake.  Luckily I have nothing that needs to be done tomorrow.  I have a few phone calls that I should make, but nothing pressing.

The day was packed full of Etsy and other craft sites that kept me busy the majority of the day.  Well, that and chauffeuring Brandon around.  I think Alissa should get an award for all the transport she does.  Not only did she take me to and pick me up from PT, but she also took B to school today and I went along for the ride for funsies.

Outside our house was a flooded.  Starbucks lost all their patrons to Peet's because the drain on the Starbucks side was clogged and the street was flooded and water was probably around 6-8 inches deep.  Sabotage?  Maybe.  On the way to drop Brandon off there were multiple limbs and branches strewn about the road.  It was also very windy and the rain hurt when it hit my face.  After I picked Brandon up from school (what the frick, am I a mom?) we went and got food for dinner at Safeway.  The parking lot when we pulled in was flooded.  The shopping carts looked as if they were stuck in a lake.

Oh yeah...and a tree fell on Amber & Chris' house.  Luckily it didn't damage their place, but it DID damage their neighbor's.  There wasn't anyone living inside the place, although rumor has it that the place had just been remodeled inside and was about to be rented.  Brandon was gonna call and see how much cheaper rent would be with the new add-on.

I stole all the pictures from Brandon's Flickr.  Tomorrow I might crutch down to see and conquer this tree.  All wheel crutching.

Where the Wild Things Are comes out Friday.

Oh yeah...and 7 days and counting.


Kevin said...

that's an awesome picture of the carts! and that's a pretty big tree! Damn.

Are you planning on seeing where the wild things are this weekend? I kind of want to go and take the kids. Maybe matinee?

Rijel said...

I definitely want to see that ish this weekend, if not on Friday. Jody and Amanda want to see it to, maybe we can all coordinate?

Kevin said...

Word. This weekend is going to be crazy though. So we'll maybe have to postpone it until my long weekend. 10/22-10/26. Can't wait. :)