Google-ing my own name

I don't always google myself.  But every once in a while I think it's pretty funny.  I'll start with "rijel" then move to "rijel violet" sometimes I'll throw in "rijel lewis."  I got all tricky tonight and decided to pull the throw back "rijelviolent" and "rijel violent."

Not only did I find an old friendster profile that I can't seem to remember the login for to delete, but I also found a forum post from MotoHouston.com about an old Ebay ad Jeff had posted quite a few years ago.  This was part of an ad for an old 19" drum front wheel:

"instant legendary status. and hopefully your neighbor who comes by sometimes and drinks all your beer will then feel obligated to carry on the name, only now its "black-widow old-school spider-web-all-over-everything choppers....... legacy". you are a schmuck. don't buy this wheel. go back to school and become a lawyer or start a restuarant. i hate you already. no reserve. check my other auction items for smoking deals on harley and chopper junk.

if you have an important question, or you want to talk about your feelings, call me at 916 397 8495 jeff"

You may think he's an asshole.  I think he's funny.


wadethetides said...

"Don't buy this wheel. Go back to school and become a lawyer or start a restaurant." HAHAHAHA. A+

Anonymous said...

I don't think he's an asshole or funny. I think he's confused on who he is and what he wants to be. I think it's a cover for how lost he is in this world. "Do I go back to school and become a lawyer" referencing the extreme opposite...clever...confused.