Riding wet

That's what she said?

Physical therapy today for the first time in a few weeks.  It was pretty brutal.  She moved me up to 5 lbs for my leg lifts and I'm still sore.  We tried to do some squat exercises where I do these side step things, but my knee didn't like it.  I thought for sure it was going to give out.  I didn't attempt it because of the pain.  Maybe next week.

Brandon and I rode motos to Julio & Rachel's place to watch Sons of Anarchy tonight.  As we walked out the door it started to sprinkle.  Brandon looked at me and asked if I wanted to ride still.  We looked at the clouds and decided, "Heck.  Why not?!"  So we rode out.  Once we got there it started raining pretty good.  We decided to leave when the show was over and the rain had subsided we headed back to the house.

I noticed B was riding a little crooked.  When I got closer to him I saw his tire spitting water straight at his face.  Homie has no front fender.  Funniest thing ever.  He also has no rear fender to speak of so as we took off our coats, his sweatshirt was soaked.  I was pretty dry.  Good thing I wore boots to ride in!!!!!  Silly Brandon.

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Kevin said...

Awesome. Rain riding SUCKS.