Rhino vs. Donk

I don't know who'd win...but it looked like a good match up.  I think the rhino stands a chance.

I GOT A DONK TODAY!!!!!!!!!!  It's amazing.  And it fought a rhino.  It came in the mail from a fantastic person!!!  Super donk.

I didn't work on my new cable scarf at all today.  Instead, I cleared up my room and created a much needed crafting area within my bedroom.  I now have a chair for my desk too.  I also started on my xmas presents. Not an "I'm going to start but NEED to do something else in order to get everything right" kind of started, but actually started.  I'm proud of what I've done so far, but I've got a long ways to go.  I made yet another trip to the craft store today.  That makes 5 stores in 3 days (once was with Jeannie Mae and I didn't get anything so I don't know if that still counts?).  Yikes.  Good thing I'm only getting necessities.  If not I'd be totally screwed.

This was made for me years ago.  I decided Loco Bandito should be my nickname.  I got a button.  Amazing present as well.

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