There's a war around the corner

with no guaranteed winner.
Don't think I'm all political...totally not.  Those are lyrics, don't be silly.

This is the week of domestication apparently.  I'm waking up at or before 8 every day and even making  breakfast.  I tried baking some pies at my house and I don't think it went so well.  They just didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped.  There's something about baking at my folk's place with mom's recipes that just makes everything turn out well.  I feel like I should redeem myself with pies baked at her house!!!  During this pie baking extravaganza I threw in a gluten free pie for Brother and Brother's wife...it looked better than I expected and Amy even said it tasted good.

Last night I also mastered the incredible cable stitch.  It was something I was a little intimidated to do.  I'd tried it once before and failed (probably because I didn't have a cable hook) and refused to try it again, UNTIL last night.  I sat around watching the tele with the 'rents and Jeannie Mae and I knit up a storm while Dennis Lee flipped through the channels and critiqued my cabling.  Hahaha...he just didn't know what they looked like before sweater-form.

I'm pretty impressed my stitches are as consistent as they are.  I'm not used to purling, so I don't think this is toooooo bad.  I see small flaws and I know gma would, but I wouldn't expect any less from a woman who's a self-taught knitter since the age of 5.

I've also got a craft day set up for next week and I'm EXTREMELY excited about it.  It feels good to have friends who are into needle arts to work on stuff with.


sushipie said...

you're cabling looks great. believe it or not I have never knit cables before. way to go. :)

Kevin said...

That looks cool Rijel! :) LOoks hard to do as well. Good job!