Standard Brandon

I've been waking up early lately and today was no exception.  I woke up around 8, checked facebook, saw Omar's post about some delicious burrito and decided I was going to give it a go at making breakfast.  I got out a couple eggs, a potato and a bell pepper.  I scrambled the eggs and cut up the potato and pepper and put them all in a delicious tortilla, added sriracha and put them all in my mouth.

Around 10:30...after I finished up with the food and made my burrito thing I went and woke up Brandon.  He's usually up around 10 anyway and so I figured it'd be alright.  After I tell the asshole what I made he says, "This is why you woke me up?!"

Then after I started to leave the room...this doldrum asshole says, "You should've added soyrizo."

Yeah.  I made this guy breakfast and all he does is say I could've done it better.  This was my first attempt at scrambled eggs or potatos and he tells me I should've done it differently.  I.hate.brandon.

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Anonymous said...

You LOVE Brandon.