Knees in the breeze

I got on a motorcycle today for the first time in over a year.  I took Suzi for a spin around the block and when I got back Alissa jumped on the back.  I'm not going to lie...it made me a little nervous to have someone on the back of the bike, but I would never put anyone's safety at risk.  It felt good being on a bike again.  REALLY good.

Once Alissa hopped on the back, Brandon, her and I hit the road and headed to my folk's place.  We made it to good old Rio Linda and made a vat of wontons.  I think we made enough of them for about 13 people.  There were only 5 of us.  Yikes.  So if anyone wants to come fry some left over wontons that may or may not be good (it's unknown at this point)...please let me know.

At my folk's place Alissa got on Brandon's bike and took it for a spin.  She's basically a natural.

My dad also took the bike for a spin.  I was extremely surprised he didn't come back and tell me it was "a piece of shit," but he did tell me it needs some work (which I already know).

After Alissa took off for 15 minutes, Brandon freaked out and got Suzi and went to find her.  Apparently she made it down to THE busiest streets in a 7 mile radius.  How she did this...I have no idea.  She made it back safely and we were all off again first to Scotty's and then to Kip & Mel's for ANTM Wednesdays.

The ride from Kip & Mel's back to our place was...cold.  I kind of forgot and luckily for me Kip had hooked me up with a good scarf for the ride back.  My neck was warm.  Sore from keeping my head up against the wind, but warm.  I forget all the small things about riding.  Like how much I should get a full face lego-man helmet or how good it feels to have my wrist hurt from pulling in the clutch.  These things are bothersome, but in a very, VERY good way.

There was no game of Shoot the Gap.  I'm still trying to keep the bike in my half of the lane...especially with someone else on the back.  Besides, I would never do something that dangerous.  I'm responsible?  Pshyeah right.  Before you get off congratulating me, I'll probably be playing that game in no time as long as weather permits.

I love my new gloves.  I love my cowboy boots.  I love my friends.  I love my parents.

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