I have a new idea that I want to try for an air cleaner cover.  I think I can make it work and am pretty excited about it.  The problem is finding an appropriate air cleaner I can use.

I stuffed my face full of deliciousness at my work holiday party on Monday night.  There were fantastic mashed potatoes, chicken, pie, tri tip and pork.  I had seconds in the dessert section.  And by dessert, I mean chicken.

We had a gift exchange and Alissa miraculously got me this year and I got the most wonderful gifts!!!!  I requested: a giraffe, an owl and socks.  She got me an owl necklace and buttons, a giraffe belt buckle and cashmere socks!!!  I got the best person for secret santa!!!!!

I'm stoked to figure out what I'm getting my folks for the holiday as well as a couple other people I need to shop for.  Brandon said my gift is not in his room and I'm bummed because I'd totally be rifling through all his shit to find it.  Yeah...I'm THAT bad.

Today was Todd's birthday and we went and had some wonderful company and wonderful food at the taco spot across the street.  I got to talk motos.  Then when I got home I got to talk MORE motos.  I'm a lucky girl.  Seriously.

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Kevin said...

You're a moto. What's this air cleaner idea? text it to me.