Surgery number 6

I figured I'd be more upset or bummed out when I actually heard my doctor speak of a 6th surgery as part of my definite future.  I kind of laughed a little, made a few calls, joked a bit more and sort of forgot about it for a few hours.

I guess the worst thing is not knowing exactly what's wrong with my knee.  Haha...I lied.  Having to get another surgery is probably the worst thing, but not knowing is definitely a close second!!!  My doctor and I explored all the options and it all comes back to getting back inside the knee to see what's actually causing my problems.  As with my last surgery, there are 3 possibilities of what my problem could be.  2 of them are a pretty easy fix, the 3rd is shit and with my track record and my knee's hatred for having a life without pain...the 3rd is probably what I'll be dealing with.

My doctor/surgeon is pretty rad.  He and I joked about what would have happened if I was a 65 year old.  He laughed and said that if I were 65, have had this many surgeries in the same timespan and were having the exact same symptoms, he'd just lop the damn thing off at the thigh!  Lucky for me, I'm quite young and spry with a good chance of healing!!!  He makes things a little more light hearted and easier to handle.  He hates cutting me open as much as I hate recovering from it.

In good news...Alissa, Grant and I watched Fighting tonight.  It definitely wasn't good and wasn't quite bad enough to be a bad good, it was just bad.  But Channing Tatum is a total babe.

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