Long johns are needed

The nights sure are getting colder.  

I went on a ride along with a friend tonight.  We got to drive really fast in fog and even look for someone jumping fences.  Then the car over heated and we needed to call a tow truck.  The tow truck driver gets there and he brought his wife.  Awesome.  How are all 4 of us going to fit in his crew cab?  We can all fit, but I wasn't so sure I wanted to be that close to his plumber's crack and sweatpants (ugh. sweatpants.).  

While we were waiting for him to hitch the car his crazy cracked out wife BLASTS the stereo and starts singing along.  We then got lucky enough for her to come out of the truck and show us her best dance moves.  When we let them know we were going to wait for someone to come pick us up, the wife tried to coerce us into the truck to wait where it wasn't so cold.  We politely declined.  

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Kevin said...

hahaha right on!