Moto night rides

Today was sweet.  I woke up on my own accord, I made a pretty rad breakfast for Brandon and myself, I had dinner at Crepeville, I rode out to Julio & Rachel's to watch the season finale of Sons of Anarchy with good friends, I got to ride with B on the way home, I lurked some peeps, I watched Brandon lurk some peeps, I waited until Alissa got home and then the two of us went for a freezing ride around 3am and came back with our bodies numb.

I meant to snap a photo, but I forgot entirely.  I did, however, remember to bring my camera.  For the mean time, just picture this, but with motos:

2010 is going to be a good year.  I can feel it in my bones.

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Kevin said...

I can feel it in my bone. OW! lol