Quality time with the Hirata family

After a day of hornswoggling and running errands...the day ended as most days should: at the bar.

Brandon's cousin is in town and his sister brought her downtown to hang out and get some real "family time" in.  Alissa and I got the pleasure of meeting their cousin and hitting up a few bars with them.  His cousin scored a free lighter, we played shuffle board (and I'm pretty sure his sister and cousin are hustlers), and got chicken softs.

It's sad when I think that tomorrow (technically today) while everyone's getting the weekend started, I'll be heading to work for my Monday.  Oh well, only one more month and then it's to sweet days off.

Christmas gifts are moving along pretty slowly; I really need to pick up the pace.  Gotta stop doubting any talent I think I might be in possession of and get the ish going.

Time for sleep.  I'm going to take advantage of being tired before 4am.

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Kevin said...

You're a baby. What are chicken softs?