And back to the epic adventure...

After Bryce dug the giant piece of glass from deep inside his nasal cavity (the one on the dash in the photo), we found our way to receiving ONE bar of cell reception.

After I sat to the far right side of the car with my head at a 45 degree angle, I made the call to my insurance company.  I doubt they've talked to many people as good spirited as we were for having just been in an accident.

I've never had to take 45 minutes to explain where I was using a highway as a reference point, let alone asking someone "Can you find NEVADA?!"  It literally took us that long to finally explain to the representative on the phone where we were...in a general area.  I didn't realize that telling someone we were in the south eastern part of Oregon could lead to such a misunderstanding.  After giving the person Winnemucca as a reference point to find us, she decides it would be a good idea to send a tow truck from Winnemucca (almost 4 hours away) instead of one from Boise (2 1/2 hours away).  Not only is she a genius with this whole Winnemucca plan, but she tells me it will only take an hour and a half at the most.

Now...I know what she's saying is bulllllllllllllllllshit because Bryce and I had just driven 4 hours since WE'D left Winnemucca AND we were ahead of the blizzard that just hit their town.  If she expected them to be there in an hour and a half, she was clearly smoking crack rock.  I asked for her to send a tow truck from Boise instead and she told me she couldn't because the tow truck driver was already on the way (obviously not true since it'd only been about 20 minutes).  So...after this whole tow thing is set up...I start asking about rental vehicles.

She tells me the nearest rental agency to Winnemucca is in Elko.  ELKO.  2 hours away from the town we were supposed to get towed to.  HOW WERE WE TO GET TO THE RENTAL PLACE?!?!  She tells me she doesn't know.

It's 19 degrees outside and the window I'm sitting at is broken.  The cold is settling in and I grab a blanket.

Next thing you know, 2 hunting angels were sent to us and tell us there's a tow station about 15 minutes up the road.  I opt to stay with the car while Bryce gets the tow started.  We make it to the little rinky dink town where the tow yard and a small diner make up all the revenue for the town and the people who own the tow company are SAINTS.

After hanging around most the morning and dealing with insurance crap we finally hop in the tow truck for the 3 1/2 hour drive up to Nampa, Idaho.  This is where I'll say goodbye to my car, just in case I won't ever see it again.  Bryce and I are determined to continue with our trip because we're not going to let something as silly as an accident get us down!!!  We hang out in Boise for the night and grab delicious Chinese food for dinner.  Yeah...no potatoes in Idaho, I'm a retard.

We wake up in Boise we head to Twin Falls.  We see signs for the Oregon trail and want to see if we can catch typhoid fever or shoot an ox for food.  Instead of finding oxen or indians to help us float across the river, we find the illustrious Perrine Bridge.

We decide Twin Falls is a good of place as any to ring in the new year.  I have the brilliant idea of hitting up the local mall and finding the Hot Topic and asking any girl behind the register where her brother goes to hang out.  I figure this might get us to a sweet dive bar.  As luck would have it...we drive directly past a mall, so we pull in.  We walk into the mall and what store do we stand in front of?  Hot Topic.  What do we do?  Ask the girl behind the register where the local dive bars are.

They gave us sweet hats.

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