Better late than never, right?

My road trip:

Bryce and I left pretty late Tuesday night.  We were both fully prepared for a full night of driving and staying awake.  We'd been preparing for it the past few nights and were totally ready.  We made it to Baxter and had to put on chains.  Shitty.  That meant I wasn't going to be getting any refund for them.  The snow was crazy beautiful and it was definitely snowING, so Bryce man'd up and put the chains on.

We were hauling ass at about 30mph until the state line.  Yeah.  We needed chains THAT long.  Once we got the chains off it was pretty smooth sailing.  I got an amazing postcard with a moose on it.  When we hit Winnemucca we went north on 95 to head up towards Idaho.  The scenery was BEAUTIFUL the entire time we were on the road.

A couple hours before sunrise I decided to take a nap before taking up driving, since Bryce had driven the whole time so far.  Just as the sun was about to make it's appearance I woke up to a ridiculously calm Bryce who was taking control of my car as we were spinning out.  It was totally surreal and probably the best roller coaster ride I've ever been on.

We hit the snow bank.  The passenger side window shattered.  Rear wheel bent.  Airbags deployed.  No cell phone reception.

After everything was settled we assessed damages.  Both Bryce and I were totally unscathed.  Well, comparatively at least.  I had a few small spots on my hand and Bryce found a piece of glass IN HIS NOSE!!!!!

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