Someone stole the key lime

And I almost cried.

There we were.  Grant, Brandon and I, inside Cafe Mekka in Nevada City staring 3 (count them...THREE) key lime tarts in the FACE.

Ahead of us is a couple taking a gander at the dessert case.  I hear them order.

The woman behind the counter asks Brandon what he'd like to order.  He tells the woman our drink orders and that he would like 3 key limes.  The woman says okay, but says she'll start making the drinks first.

Next thing you know...the couple ahead of us is handed 2 of the 3 key limes.

What assholes.  Didn't they KNOW we drove all the way from Sacramento to get THIS particular key lime?!?!  Then.  Add insult to injury.  Those dicks tell the cashier they only planned on ordering coffee, the desserts were an after thought they might not even want.

I could've punched them.  I should've punched them.  In the face.

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