6 down, 1 to go!!!!

I got out of surgery Friday feeling pretty good.  I only threw up twice all day (total score) and even had visitors!  Jeannie Mae talked to the doctor and apparently my cartilage grew too well and that's why my knee was catching.  This was the BEST case scenario.

What does that mean?  That means I've only one more surgery to go to be completely 100% good again!!!!  The next surgery will just be an exploratory to make sure everything is all gravy.  I was up and walking today and things felt pretty good as far as stability goes. 

How random is 2010 so far.  Yeah, it's a statement, not a question.  From my surgery, to other people's surgeries, my car sitch, people's babies comin' through and hearing about my friend getting stabbed...things are a little crazy this year.  I think I've maintained a pretty positive attitude about everything though.  I don't think I've let the worst get the best of me and I'm going to try to keep the trend going.

I've also switched from Safari to Firefox...and am lacking a couple shortcuts.  I'm trying to get used to it, but I might have to go back based on these little things.  Then again...having these extra shortcuts are pretty sweet too.  I'm keeping an open mind about it, but I'll see how that goes.

I also need to upload a few photos I've taken.  I should really start taking pictures again, so that silly flickr account doesn't go to waste.

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