Giant stone heads

On Saturday Jill, Jack and I saw Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore. Jack
didn't seem nearly as impressed and Jill and I were. What was MOST
impressive was the fact that we made it there at all.

On our way from Yellowstone to Crazy Horse we stopped in at a little
diner as it got late. We ate buffalo burgers and almost sang karaoke
until they fooled us and told us the wrong night. While we were eating
and beyond our knowledge, a wicked storm approached. As soon as we
descended the stairs of this shanty to the parking lot...we saw rain
like it was the middle of February. It was raining and it was raining
HARD. I hurried to the car since I had a hoodie on and we drove on to
look for a hopefully inexpensive motel since camping was no longer an

Although the speed limit was 70, I was doing about 55 because I
literally couldn't see the road due to the rain.

Hell's Canyon

At the same time Jill and I saw the sign of what was either our demise
or an even more wonderful adventure! The canyon's posted speed was
30mph and I don't think we went over 20 for the entire 7 miles. We
finally made it close enough to Crazy Horse to get an over priced
motel room so we could shower and be prepared for our next day which
was scheduled for straight driving.

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