Day one!

Wednesday marked our first day of Team Suma's epic journey. We left
Sacramento and hit up all of the important stops along the way...like
Elko. Once we got to Wendover, we stopped and let Jack run around on
the salt flats. We tired his little ass out!!!!! We got into Salt Lake
City around 10:30 and headed to meet Andy at his shop. We checked out
some of his projects and hung out til we went back to his house to
catch some zzzz's!!!!!!

Yesterday morning we woke up a little later and went get Thai lunch.
After a quick visit to the mormon temple to see if they'd let us in,
we headed to Yellowstone!!!!

On our way we took a few photos, almost lost a wheel and tire, forgot
you needed matches or a lighter to start a fire and had a guy with no
teeth ask me if I had snow leopards on my legs.

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