The Road to Hana

This is what I woke up to this morning. GLORIOUS.

And the first rainbow of the day. I couldn't get a decent picture the right way, so now you've gotta see it through a camera through a rear view mirror.

Some trees and more sunshine.

Brandon's angry face. Everyone was doing 10mph on roads you could easily do 30mph. Brandon was sooooo angry!!!!!

One of the places we stopped at on the way.

It was cold and rainy here. And I was wearing shorts and a tank top because Hawaii should be hot and sunny.

THIS water was awesome and pretty warm. I didn't get in though...we still had 2 hours of driving to do.

The Hana jail/courthouse.

The wind kicked up and I tried to find vag, but the wind wasn't strong enough. She was a lobster and I'm pretty sure her vah-jay-jay looks as bad as the rest of her body did.

More water! And a ROCK!


It's hard to see, but behind that dumb tree is an old sugar mill. Brandorz got a better picture on his camera.

A church and some random ruins that were built in the 1800's. This place was pretty sweet.

There was also a graveyard there.

My Hawaiian dinner!!!!

Our ride. Yes. We drove that. Don't be fooled by the chainlink fence. It's not keeping it in, we just put it back up when we parked...

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