A place to call home!!!!

Here are Grant and I with Lucky earlier today. We finally got to bring him home!!!!

But not before a little bit of ridicule first. Due to his surgery, he was shaved...

And we did what any good parents would do...and made fun of him about his new "do."

After 3 different vet hospitals and at least 2 follow up appointments coming up, so far our $5,000 is pretty right on the money!!!!

To introduce Lucky in to the family, we're keeping him crated (per the vet's orders) and he has his own room away from Ella and Goose for the next few weeks. He has hissed at me twice so far, but he is all talk! As soon as I reach in, he lets me pet him down his back and on his face without a fuss. We were even able to give him his meds with no problems! I think he's going to be really happy here.

His incisions are very small. This is a picture of his largest incision. The stitches will dissolve on their own in a week or so.

And here he is trying to hide. He's allowed to walk around for about an hour every day to get his muscles back up to par.

He's happy and sleeping now!!!

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