Post surgery

I got to visit Lucky today and Grant got to meet him for the first time. Poor guy looked so miserable. When I talked to the vet tech earlier today, she had told me that if we were to put a hand in to his crate that she couldn't guarantee we would pull our hand out with all our fingers still attached.

When they brought him out, he was pretty docile, but they told us to watch our hands because he might try to bite us. Here he is during our visit.

We left with all our fingers and he didn't even attempt to fight with us. And there were 4 of us all up in his face and he took it like a champ!!!

And as a friend said, soon we will have a band of pirate cats sailing the living room seas, pillaging Ella.


Mike said...

What's Lucky's prognosis looking like? Other than a missing eye, will he make a full recovery?

Rijel said...

As far as I've heard he should make a full pirate recovery!