Update on Lucky

We are still waiting to hear back from the orthopedic surgeon for the estimate on Lucky's pelvis reattachment.

Today Lucky started his first round of surgeries. His eye was removed and so were his family jewels. An X-ray was taken of his jaw and the doctor said they didn't see any fractures. Lucky isn't eating on his own yet, so they have been syringe feeding him and keeping him on appetite stimulants. I haven't been able to go see him yet, but as soon as he is cleared for visitors I will be there and will get a couple photo updates.

Overall the vet staff have said that he is wonderful. And they ran the FeLV and FIV tests and he came back negative on both!!!! That is super good news because that means Lucky will be coming home and living with Grant and I once he's done with his surgeries!

So far we've raised about $1,600 towards Lucky's surgeries. The initial bill was $850 and through today with the surgeries will be $1,200. Once we hear from the orthopedic surgeon we should have a final estimate of what everything will cost.

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