Cat sighting

Ever since Odin has been out of the crate, he's spent most of his time underneath our bed and only really on my side. I literally have to lay down on the ground to get a look at the guy. I've been tempting him with treats and he seems to like that. Every once in a while he'll even let me pet him. He really only ventures out when it's dark out and after Goose has gone around to do a perimeter check and then comes back to get him. Then the two of them to wreak havoc in the front room doing who knows what. But overall he's remained a bed cat for the last few weeks.

Until last night.

Last night as I was cleaning the litter boxes in the other room, Grant called to me and told me to get in the bedroom pronto because there was something I had to see. I just figured it was nothing so I took my time getting in there. When I got to the door, I saw Odin peeking his head out from under the bed on Grant's side. He was brave enough to poke his neck out even!!!!!! He made his way under the chair at the foot of the bed and just kind of hung out there for a while. Then...while the light in the bedroom was still on, he walked around and checked some things out.  Something he NEVER does. I tried to sleep, but was so excited because is was a freaking breakthrough!!!! It took me a while, but I finally settled in and got comfy and started to drift off. All of a sudden I feel Goose jump on to the bed and try to catch my feet, then settle in and lay down to sleep right between my legs. About 5 minutes later I feel another cat jump on to the bed!!! Then I felt Odin lay down after discussing things with Goose and he fucking. Slept. On. Me.

There's still hope!!!!!!!!!!!

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