Medically cleared!!!!

Today was Odin's 6 week post-op appointment. We saw the doc that actually did the surgery for him. The took him to the back and took some x-rays and when they came back out, we were told that he is medically cleared to run, jump, pounce, and do all other cat related things. Unfortunately he will continue living in his crate until tomorrow when I'll be home all day to make sure that no bloody fights ensue. The good thing about that is he loves his crate and believes it's his only safe haven.

Today we also finally got a collar on him and he doesn't seem to mind much. Maybe he used to wear one, or maybe he just really likes jewelry. Or maybe he just likes that the collar has skulls and crossbones and thinks that the others will leave him be because he looks like a bad ass with it on. Grant's mom also clipped a couple of his nails today without any protest, which kind of disproves the whole bad ass thing.

Well, wish me luck on tomorrow...hopefully it won't be needed!!!!

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