Day 3

Today was pretty painful. In more than just the physical aspect. I got more than 3 hours of sleep at a time, which was a relief. But when I woke up I was emotionally drained and very upset for some random unknown reason. I called the doctor's office around 9am to get a status update on the CPM machine that was supposed to be delivered Wednesday and still hasn't arrived. When I started asking the receptionist about the machine I started getting extremely upset and started crying. I had to give the phone to my dad to finish the phone call. About 30 minutes later I was totally fine and even called the doctor's office about 6 more times throughout the day for updates. I hope I don't continue on some sort of ridiculous emotional roller coaster. I've been on that ride before with the last surgeries and I don't recall it being any fun.

Once I got a hold of my doctor, he gave me 1 exercise to do while I wait for the machine to be delivered (which he said should be here Friday). I get to remove the brace and the exercise is to stand up, bend my leg 20-30 degrees in front of me and then let gravity have it back and straighten it again. I'm supposed to do this 10-20 times every couple hours while I'm awake. I was able to do the exercise twice, making the leg lifts a total of about 30 times before my body got all shaky and was too afraid I might fall. Towards the end of the day today I started to feel a bit nauseated every time I look at things too closely and I keep falling asleep after every pill I take. I feel like I want to vomit, because for some reason I think it would make my stomach feel a lot better. On the other hand...I think I just need to get more sleep.

I remember the last two times I had surgery I definitely threw a couple pity parties for myself. I'm trying really hard not to do that again. Lucky for me, I have a few really strong people supporting me and letting me know how fortunate I am to be able to get this surgery.

It makes me feel good to have gotten as many phone calls, text messages, emails, facebook posts and visitors as I have. I know people have better things to do so when people can squeeze me in, it definitely puts a smile on my face.


Kevin said...

Rijel, we are going to come visit you once we're moved. So maybe early next week! :) Don't think we've forgotten about you! You should have postponed this until we were done moving silly!

You didn't mention the comments you get on your posts! lol

I bet the anger, sleepys and pity are part of the meds. You're not a weirdo. :)


Kevin said...

p.s. where was that picture taken of you on the crutches in front of a brick building?

Rijel said...

That was taken 2 surgeries ago...in Ashland when I went up there for my brother's wedding!

Kevin said...

Very cool looking place. :)