Day 4...

Today was
much better than yesterday. I only ended up taking 5 pills over-all today, which is probably close to half of what I had the day before. I also woke up later than I have the past couple days and it wasn't because of discomfort (woot!). I think I settled in to my couch spot around 8:30 or 9 this morning and made my first call to the doctor to follow up on the CPM machine that still hasn't arrived. Dad and I watched some television, napped, then watched some more tele. The hard life, right?

Around 11 or so dad helped me take off the huge brace. I did my exercises, 3 sets of 15-20 lifts. When mom got home at 4, we took off the mummy wraps to get me ready for my first shower in 72 hours. Once we got all the bandages off and I finally got to see the carnage, I was pleasantly surprised. I was not bummed out or overly disgusted. There is a 4-5 inch incision directly on top of my knee cap. I thought for sure they would have gone around the knee cap. I'm happy to say that this will leave me with a pretty good scar (so I can prove I've had 5 surgeries...and at least one invasive one).

After the shower I was able to leave the brace off most the day, which may have contributed to me feeling better. Having my leg without restraint is beautiful. I didn't have any pity parties today and I got a call around 3 from the doctor's office. They let me know that they were waiting on one piece of paper and then they could deliver the machine. They said it would be here by either 8pm or early Saturday morning. Since I'm not strapped in it right now, I assume it's going to show up early tomorrow morning.

I also had quite a few people checking in on me to see how I was feeling and even visitors!

Brandon came over in the morning/afternoon. Brought himself a burrito. Dad came in the house and gave him shit for not offering to pick up anything for anyone else. Apparently he thought his company was good enough (which I was grateful for, but c'mon...no offer? Really?).

Jody and Amanda showed up after I had showered (lucky them!). They brought me a gigantic mocha, a rice krispie treat, a Kate Hudson movie and a get well card. They definitely showed up Brandorz in a big way!!! Even though Brandon and Alissa did show up yesterday and wake me up with a butterfinger milkshake in my face. Having company is always nice, especially when all I'm doing is sitting around watching crime dramas and shop shop shopping. Lucky for me...I've only made 2 purchases so far. I think tomorrow I'm going to start on movies and yarn.

And if anyone wants to get me a recovery gift, this would be a good idea: Get well Rijel, it's been a difficult surgery...you deserve this!

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