Day 5...

Got my CPM machine today!!! The guy, who we'll call DB (short for douche bag), showed up around 11 this morning to deliver and set up the machine. After he had set it up, he wanted to make sure I knew how to use the machine. So...I get sit down, he straps my foot in, and he turns the machine on. Now...we've got to make sure my leg isn't going to be bending too far too fast and I can deal with the range of motion about to be set up, so the conversation I have with DB goes as follows:

DB: Okay...I'm going to turn the machine on now. It's going to bring your knee up, bending it. There will be some tightness and a little bit of pressure to your knee, but let me know when it feels like it's too much and you can't bend any further.
Me: Alright, go ahead.

DB turns the machine on and it slowly does it's thing, bending my knee and bringing it up. I start to feel my knee become tight and the pressure on my knee cap where the stitches are becomes a little taught. I hang in there a bit longer (because I know it'll loosen up after a little bit) and once I feel my knee cap kind of slide forward a bit I tell him that it's as far as I can go.

DB: Oh, that's all you can bend? 35 degrees of flexion. Wow...looks like we've got a LOT of work to do!
Me: Umm...yeah?

The only thing I wanted to do was yell at this asshole. No freaking kidding. Of COURSE we have a lot of work to do. The machine SHOULD have been at the house on Tuesday. I should have been strapped into this thing for the past 4 days, working on getting my range of motion back. Not only that, but when I tried to get a hold of someone the second day for exercises to do before receiving the machine, I didn't get a single call back! And here's this douche bag with two, count them...TWO perfectly good legs walking around inadvertently taunting me all the while telling me about how much more flexion I should have with a machine that didn't show up on time. Like I don't know I have work to do.
I was on the CPM machine for 6 hours today. I slept through 2 1/2 of them and was on the computer the rest of the time. I didn't even touch my yarn today. Instead I had 2 fantastic visitors come through and occupy some of my time. On the list for tomorrow: CPM machine at 40 degrees of flex for 6-8 hours, Amber hang out for a little while, crochet (for real this time) and I think I'm going to throw in some quad strengthening exercises while I'm at it. Having to lift my leg with my arms is getting old. I need my quad back!

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