Autumn is settling in quite nice

The weather today was beautiful.  I woke up early (for me anyway) for the second day in a row and went to breakfast at Vintage Cafe with Jack & Jill.  I got a delicious breakfast quesarrito (yeah...not quite a quesadilla and not quite a burrito) and tea for under $4!!!  The 3 of us got to sit outside and people watch and while Jack barked at other dogs, Jill and I conversed with ourselves.

After I made it back home, Jack (from Florida...not Jill's dog) came over to visit with Alissa and I before he heads home to the east coast tomorrow.  It was nice visiting with him while he was here!!!  I was able to talk Brandon into making elk chili for dinner and invited Jody and Amanda over to taste the scrumptiousness that B makes.  I also had some crane melon delivered which is almost gone already.

After reading The (not so) Little Things about banned books (including The Giver, which is still top 7...but probably only because I hardly read any more) I went and ordered up a couple books.  I'm actually pretty excited about them getting here.  I've actually wanted to read the past couple weeks and that isn't a feeling I've had in YEARS.  I ended up getting the 2 books by Lois Lowry that followed The Giver and I also got Scepticism, Inc.  Although I have absolutely no doubt that I will start all of these books (at separate times, of course), only time will tell if I actually finish them.

Tomorrow is physical therapy, pool time.  I'm hopeful that my knee won't lock while I'm in the water.  I AM looking forward to "walking."  I can imagine it will be the reason I will be excited to wake up in the morning.  

I think a miracle happened today.  A ton of things totally fell into place.  I got 5 robots from AdamD (check it and reserve yours: 100 Robots).  I communicated with ALL but 2 of my closest friends and BOTH brothers today.  I ate grapes instead of ice cream, cookies, brownies, yogurt or candy.  I had tea instead of coffee or a mocha.  I'm gonna keep that PMA and say tomorrow will have such treasures. 

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