Pawn Stars

New favorite show.  It's like Antiques Roadshow, but for dirty bikers and low ballers.  

Friday night I hit the porch and Saturday I ended up canceling on multiple people and stayed home since I had the house to myself.  I cleaned 90% of my room.  I washed all my clothes.  Working on the unfinished projects.  Also still working on getting out of this funk.  The roommates are helping with this...so are a multitude of other friends.

Today I went to breakfast with Brother, the usuals and Amanda for the first time in over 2 months.  Not only did I enjoy pretty good company, but I was also able to shop at Target and get heavy items since I had plenty of help around.  Later on in the evening I went with Brother to his and Brandon's soccer game.  They ACTUALLY won.  One of the guys on the other team was being a baby and getting all pissy because his team wasn't opening up for him.  So what'd he do?  He decided to get angry and physical.  Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with a physical game, but I DO have a problem with someone getting overly angry and going out on the field with a vengeance when it's not warranted.  

Now...I would have had no issues with him being extra physical with Brother had Brother done something to him first.  BUT he didn't.  This asshole had the ball and was getting mad at Brother for taking it.  Then taking it again.  And again.  So what's he do?  Once Brother has the ball dude throws his elbow into Brother's back and then throws his entire body.  Then I saw Brother take a tumble.  Dude can body check all day, I don't care.  But the elbow?!  What the frick?  I literally almost jumped up from the stands and ran onto the field.  Luckily, I saw Brother get up with a GIGANTIC smile on his face!!!

After soccer Brandon and I hit up Safeway for some ice cream.  He made me a secret recipe Hirata Family Shake.  It was pretty delicious.  Chris came over and shortly after Jack & Jill followed.  The two of them ALSO got to try out the Hirata Family Shake.  

OHHHHHHHHH yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!  I also got to talk to Nick who was IN ITALY!!!!  Well...via facebook chat anyway!  I'm so incredibly jealous of that man right now!!!  Galavanting around eating in Italy and peeping the Vatican!!!  

Two biggest reasons I miss walking: 
1) Motorcycles  
2) Traveling

Breakfast with Jill in the morning!!!

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