Party time with Kevin, Melissa and the kids.  Party time with Scotty.  Party time with Jody & Amanda.  Party time with Jeannie Mae and Dennis Lee.  Party time with Jack & Jill and the porch.  Party time with Alissa, Kristin, Jack and 984572043 people I didn't know.  Party time with sweet tea.

I'm wiped.  Still jealous I'm not in another country and still on crutches.  Missing people who've moved away.  Thinking I need to call my grandma when I wake up, I'm becoming a terrible granddaughter.  Besides, she's got the most adorable accent and I miss her terribly.  Perhaps a trip to the hills is in the mix.  I'll have to see how my knee will hold up.  Probably not well enough...stupid thing still turns purple and my toes still get pudgy.  My knee still sucks.  I might be able to convince Jeannie Mae to go get grandma so I can hang out with her and talk yarn.

I need to get out of this funk.  I need to finish cleaning my room.  I need to do a massive amount of laundry.  I need to finish some in-progress projects.  I also NEED to get a pedicure.

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wadethetides said...

Party time party time party time!

I'm hanging out in Mossimos kitchen right now and the dude is a saint!

Have to shower in a second and then go get some dinner. However, I did spend the morning hanging out at the Vatican and then all afternoon chilling at the beach.


No worries, your party will happen soon!!!