Number six? Really?

Or am I just making mountains again?

For the past 2 weeks or so, as my knee has been catching and locking up on me, I've become more and more concerned with my healing...which has led me to small pity parties with only me in attendance.  Luckily, they only last as long as I am alone.  Once someone comes over (or home) or when I get messages  it usually cheers me up enough to not think about my knee.  I've got extraordinary friends and family.  Even when I don't think I seem like I'm putting out a Debbie Downer vibe, someone seems to know the right things to say or do.

The catching that's happening is obviously something deep inside my knee and it's cause enough for me to have called the doctor just before 5pm today.  Apparently he works pretty late and shows concern for his patients because I received a call back from him around 9pm.  Once I explained that my knee is now catching multiple times throughout the day and causing me pain on the regular he asked me to go in tomorrow morning so he can take a look at it.  He reminded me that there's probably not a whole lot he can do, especially from just taking a look at the outside of the knee.  We quickly talked about an MRI to check if we can see anything as far as progress goes.  He also indicated that it's possible he'll have to go back in arthroscopically.  Fortunately I still can't walk yet and arthroscopic surgeries are cake.  There would be little rehab for the procedure.

My gut feeling is that this surgery hasn't taken.  Wow.  Writing that down makes it real, doesn't it.  Maybe if I strikethrough that I still have a chance?  Ahhh...that feels a little better.  Still not quite reality.  

Other than that silly knee thing, today was fantastic.  I woke up late, got lunch made for me, was dropped off at PT and even though once I'd crutched home the doors were all locked, Brandon showed up soon after I had gotten there and let me in!!  I got great news earlier and I'm going to try to make it up to my grandma's on Friday.  She's a guaranteed "pick-me-up!!!!"  What else is a fantastic pick-me-up?!  

Handmade sweater jackets

I'll need these for my "uniform" for next year

I need these just because

This is funny and matches my wallet

Who DOESN'T want a mustache?

Upon my search of stuff for Jody and Amanda

I found things like this

But I can make things like this

But not like this. Link 80, go crazy.

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Kevin said...

Fuck your dumb knee. I will fix it. :)

I like those sweater jackets. You probably need one...and Melissa probably does too.