Alissa Tugaeff: Motorcycle extraordinaire/gold medalist.

Today Alissa and I woke up early and saw a dreary day.  About an hour later, much to our surprise, we caught a glimpse of hope as the sky started turning more blue.  We quickly showered and got on our super extreme and exceptionally fashionable motorcycle garb.  Because that's what motorcycles are all about, right?  Looking good.

Alissa jumped on Brandon's bike and I got Suzi out from behind the fence.  We took a cruise down the highway by the river and did some quick motocross.  We took a few jumps and got a little squirrley, but nothing we couldn't control.  After all, we are experts.

We met up with Turkmenistan's favorite wedding crasher and giant horse tamer, George Tugaeff and his lovely wife Monica.

After a couple drinks we got back out on the highway.  Once we hit the road we raced some thugs in a pimped out Escalade and took them for all they had.

Today was my first day back at work in 4 months, and it's not to be forgotten because our co-worker's nephew came in.  This is amazing because her nephew is Andre Phillips, Olympic Gold Medalist.  We got to hold and wear the medal, meet the man who is amazing enough to WIN the medal and even get to take pictures with him!  I got an autograph for my mom.  I'm pretty sure she's gonna be bummed that she didn't meet that dark chocolate goodness herself, but I know she'll be happy with a signed photo.

This picture is a little blurry, but there's a better one floating somewhere.  I'll find it later.  Nice jacket.

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