Uptown got it's hustlers...

Bowery got it's bums.

Still one of my all time favorite songs.  Thank you, dad.

This is still one of my favorite Etsy items.

Yellow is still my favorite color and is still the color of my gma's house.

I still wish my folk's had a sandbox in their front yard and a giant wooden play structure.

Regardless of obvious animal cruelty issues, I still think it would be way sweet to own a pig with wings.

I've got to clean my room before Tuesday night.

My favorite blanket is still the one my mom crocheted for me when I was 15.

I'm happy to have received the cash money I was missing in the mail.

Stoked to pay off my dentist entirely.

Excited to have found my necklace with the sewing machine on it.

Need to make more time for working out my knee.

Need to make more time for crafting.

Need to make more time to turn into Betty Crocker.

Grandpa's birthday is coming up soon and I miss him dearly.  The holidays make me miss these two glorious, amazing people.

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