Holy crap LEGO

I don't even know if I can explain how in LOVE with this I am.  It's $90, but I'm probably going to break down and get this masterpiece of square sex.  I also need to go back to Pennsylvania and see this bad boy IRL.

This would be pretty sweet too.  Really any modern art design buildings in Lego form would be amazing.

On a different note...if you haven't read this amazing blog, where the fuck have you been?  And no.  I'm not trying to be his one true love, get into his pants, win him over with my ego stroke, or any other kind of stroke for that matter.  He truly IS a gentleman, a scholar and an incredible human being.  So, if you happen to know a highly educated, heavily tattooed babe with an ass that makes Beyonce think she left the junk out of her trunk...send him a message.  No, seriously.

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